Unique glutenfree restaurant in Katowice. We have many classic dish and dessert in original form.

  • Interesting facts:
  • – We only use red potatos and prepare them speen recipe using gluten free flour and linseed.
  • – Our crepes are made with lactose-free milk and our proprietary blend of amaranth flour, millet flour, buckwheet flour and rice flour. This blend is rich in micro nutrients which are good for you body.
  • – Coconut flour contains a very large amount of fiber, which regulates the level cholesterol and blood sugar. It also affects of metabolism. Our pizza dough is made of coconut flour and is a low carb dish
  • – Available cakes you will find in the bar fridge. we bake our own cakes often using almond flour.
  • – In our sweet pancakes, we do not add sugar, only healthier replacements (eg. xylitol). All pancakes (except of mascarpone) are lactose free.
  • – All our crepes, except nutella, do not contain sugar 🙂